PRP with HairGro Plus Therapy

PRP with HairGro Plus Therapy

When the patient arrives at the appointment, blood is drawn into collection tubes. The tubes are then spun, causing the blood to separate into distinct layers with the PRP serum on top.

The PRP serum is extracted and then used with the AMA product for the PRP with HairGro Plus Therapy. It is injected into the affected areas of the patient’s scalp. Patients typically see no bruising and very little bleeding, since platelets naturally cause blood clotting to occur quickly.

Most patients tolerate the PRP with HairGro Plus Therapy very well and express a high level of satisfaction with their individual results. Patients typically require three to four sessions, approximately 30 days apart, followed by maintenance every six to twelve months depending on their level of hair re-growth.

PRP with HairGro Plus Therapy is changing our approach to androgenetic hair loss at West Houston Dermatology! Call us today to schedule your appointment!

This product must be administered by an authorized medical professional.