Botox for Sweating

How does it work?

Botox blocks the transmission of chemical signals to the nerves that stimulate sweat glands to release sweat. The sweat glands themselves are not altered, just their ability to release sweat, and so sweating is reduced. Clinical studies show that 81% of patients treated with Botox had at least a 50% reduction in sweating in the areas injected.

How quick does it work and how long does it last?

Reduced sweating is usually seen within the first several days following treatment, but full benefit can take several weeks. Results can vary from patient to patient, but most patients see greatly decreased sweating for 6-8 months. Injections can be repeated to ensure long term relief of sweating.

Does insurance cover Botox administered for the treatment of sweating?

Most insurance companies are reimbursing for the procedure if other methods (topical and oral) have failed. Our office staff will work with your insurance carrier to help align coverage. A Reimbursement Hotline is available at 1-800-530-6680 to find out if Botox is covered under your insurance plan.