What to Expect from a Cynosure’s Elite Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Using the Cynosure’s Elite laser hair removal system takes no time at all to get use to.  For our expertly staffed cosmetic dermatology team, the system is not difficult by any means, but it does take patience–especially over large areas.  The laser window is actually quite small, about the size of a dime.  If you […]

Declaration Against Melanoma and Skin Cancer

We the people…in order to stay cancer free, commit to sun protection this 4th of July.  Fireworks are a sign of our national pride in celebration of our independence.  So are the traditions of all-day sporting, grilling, and spending time with family and friends. These activities are bound to set the festivities off early and […]

Melanoma Action Plan

Exposing ourselves to sun and tanning beds increase our risk of melanoma and other skin cancers.  As we have mentioned in our summer series of dermatology for Houston, as summer approaches, the more time you spend outside in the sun, the greater your risk for skin cancers like melanoma.  Studies indicated that sun exposure is […]

Botox Sensationalism

Cosmetic dermatology in Houston might sound mundane to many, but there is a wild world of Botox.  Some stories never really disappear, especially if they imply an underlying negativity.  The one that I was reminded of this week was an instance in the news a couple of years ago, in which an unlicensed woman claiming […]

Botox—Houston’s Natural Look

Fearing the “frozen-face” look using Botox has been a concern for patients in the past.   But we live in a time of rapidly advancing techniques and technology, and nowhere are these more apparent than in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.  Houston may be a city filled with Southern charm and genuine hospitality, but it is […]

IPL Photo Facial for Rosacea

For many with a more resistant case of Rosacea, the dependency on pills, harsh cleansers, and other forms of medication may be cumbersome and a burden.  Now, through the advancement of cosmetic dermatology, Houston has an alternative to the messy creams and plastic pill containers.  For the right candidate, you might be able to empty […]

In-and-Out with Zeltiq Coolsculpting

In cosmetic dermatology, we often speak of procedures as having “no down time.”  What does that actually mean for the patient?  The term refers to the healing time of the patient.  Much like laser hair removal treatment, Houston has found a new trend in cosmetic dermatology that leaves the patient ambulatory.  That is to say, […]

Distinguishing Tinea Versicolor from Vitiligo

A younger patient was unable to find the time to schedule an appointment with the doctor with their active lifestyle, but still was concerned about the splotching that had developed on their abdomen.  In the time the issue was left untreated, continued, the patient had read about Vitiligo a hereditary disease where T-cells attack the […]

Summer Body with CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ™

It is officially summer as of June 20th, and our discussions have been focused on preparing you for issues in dermatology. Whether it be optimizing Houstonians’ laser hair removal treatments or preparing you for the best summer body possible, West Houston Dermatology wants to provide you the insight to let you dive into the pool […]

Beating the Heat to Quell Psoriasis

West Houston Dermatology wants you to know that psoriasis is often triggered by external factors that damage the skin like weather, stress, and severe sunburn.   Psoriasis is a persistent, inflammatory skin condition that can range from unnoticeably mild to severe psoriasis covering large portions of the body.  While the cause of this disease is still […]